Här kan du se exempel på projekt som drivs inom SWE-CIC.

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Environmentally compatible distribution pole made of composite

The SWE-CIC member ABB has just launched their newly developed distribution pole made out of composites. It exceeds the strength requirements as well as the requirements of stiffness, the pole can also handle combined loading conditions.

The environmentally friendly poles has developed in to be strong, stiff, safe and compatible and the innovative protective coating ensures that traditional climbing and security equipment can be used.


By using modern production techniques with continues fibre and fully automated processes the quality as well as the repeatability is ensured.  

Patches – Carbon fibre composites integrated in press hardened steel

Our two cluster partners Gestamp Hardtech and RISE Sicomp has together developed a new, efficient technique to combine press hardened steel and carbon fibre composite.

The project’s objective is to optimise the production of carbon fibre patches. The patches are then pressed on to a press hardened steel component, directly after the component has been form pressed.


This include finding the right fibre, develop a winding technique, fixation of the fibre as well as optimisation of the fibre pattern for optimal performance of the component, to the lowest possible price.


The robot cell in the test and demo environment is used to develop the patch and stake holders in this project are European OEMs Gestamp Hardtech, RISE Sicomp and Composite Service Europe.