Together we develop the composite products of tomorrow


Create the basis necessary so that companies can develop innovation products, new production methods and increase the knowledge about composites.


Through a strong community, continued learning and a large network SWE-CIC shall strengthen the composite sector and by doing that, contribute to a sustainable world through lightweight design and composites


During nearly 50 years a cluster has been forming around ABB in Öjebyn, just outside Piteå, Sweden. Since 30 years SICOMP (now Research Institute of Sweden, RISE) has been established here as well.  The cluster that has formed and the knowledge, competence and resources that has gathered here are in many ways unique in Sweden. The production taking place is ranging from standardised products in high volumes to specialised one-offs and small series.

In order to keep and develop the knowledge, and the resources that has been forming over the years, Swedish Composite Innovation Cluster (SWE-CIC) was initiated. SWE-CIC consists of eight partners, including RISE, all located in Norrbotten County, the northern most part of Sweden.

The heart of the cluster is the test & demo environment we are building in accordance with the concept Industry 4.0 or i4.0.  It currently consist of a robot cell including two robots complete with software. A press will be installed during 2020 and will be available for use during the fourth quarter the same year. It will be an open innovation environment for the members of the cluster as well as others for development projects, testing ideas and create new products and production techniques.

50 years ago, the first composite company was established in Öjebyn, Piteå and from then, the number of business working with composites has steadily risen in the area. But it was not until 2017 we formally got together as a cluster and founded SWE-CIC as a part of a project financed by EU’s Regional development fund. We want to keep and develop the competence and knowledge that has been developed over the years, regionally but also nationally. Our aim is to be the natural partner for development projects within composites and thus contribute to the development of new products and product techniques.

Lightweight design is the way forward in many sectors and is today widely used within the space and aircraft industry. The automotive industry is beginning to realise the advantages with the light, but at the same time stiff material. But for the car manufacturers to use composites instead of traditional materials such as steal development is needed. The production techniques need to be developed and the materials used need to be cheaper. Working for this to happen is one of our tasks, as well as develop innovative products and spreading the knowledge.  



För att facilitera uppbyggnaden och utvecklingen av SWE-CIC har vi stöd av ett projekt finansierat av Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden samt regionala medfinansiärer där Ulf Westerberg från Piteå Science Park leder projektet. Tack vare ett starkt regionalt stöd skapas goda förutsättningar för att utveckla en ledande innovationsmiljö som bygger på samlad kompetensen och en industrirelevant test- och demomiljö.

Together we bring your business in to a lighter world!

SWE-CIC and our network can help you with your challenges, weather it is development of a new product or component, enhance or better an existing product, or help you refine your production techniques.