Är du i behov av en komponent med specifika egenskaper?
Eller reducera vikten på en produkt?

For over 50 years composite products has been produced in what is commonly known as the composite village in Öjebyn, just outside Piteå, Norrbotten county, Sweden. It all started with ABB that, 20 years later, was followed by the research institute RISE SICOMP (previously Swerera). Over the years, the area has developed and more companies has established their composite business in the region, creating a natural cluster and a hub of knowledge.

What makes composite so special is that the material itself can be designed depending on what it is to be used for. The choice of input material decides the characteristics and performance of the finished composite component.

SWE-CIC help you all the way! As a result of our extensive competence and experience throughout the process, we can help you with everything from choice of material and design to development of production techniques, and produce products and components in test series as well as high volume production.

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The knowledge within SWE-CIC’s network spread over several areas. It is competence and knowledge collected over 50 years including experience from development and production of industrial composites.

Some of our areas of expertise:

Production techniques:

  • Filament winding

  • Pre-preg

  • A-SMC

  • RTM

  • Vacuum injection

  • Moulding

  • Joining Techniques

  • Sandwich construction

  • Heat forming of spacer material

  • CNC milling

  • Computer controlled cutting of fabric

  • Handling of materials

  • Robots & automation

  • Production adaptation for serial production

Matrix material

  • Thermosets

    • Epoxy

    • Vinyl ester

    • UP

    • BIO-Resin

  • High temperature system

  • Fast curing system

  • Recycling

Fibre material

  • Fiberglass

  • Carbon fibre

  • Aramid fibre

  • Polyester fibre

  • BIO-fibre

  • Recycling

Distance material

  • PVC

  • PET

  • ETC

  • Trä

Multi material

  • The combination of hardened steel and carbon fibre composite

  • Silicone coating of composites

Product development and construction

  • Composite thinking

  • 3D CAD

  • Material selection and optimisation

  • Choice and development of process

  • Composite Mechanics and FEM

  • Form Construction

  • Fixture and tool construction

  • Prototyping



The companies within SWE-CIC are equipped with advanced production tools, including test beds and lab equipment hosted by the research institute RISE SICOMP. SWE-CIC also disposes a test and demo environment which today consists of a robot cell with two coordinated robots and an external, rotating axel. The test and demo environment will be extended during 2020 to include a hydraulic press that will be up and running during Q4 2020.

The press is a state of the art and can hold the pressure for much longer than conventional presses, you can choose to utilise the full length of the press table, of just a small part of it.

Apart from the physical equipment, the test and demo environment is complete with a digital copy and is built according to the concept Industry 4.0

Equipment - a selection

  • Various robots for mechanical machining, fibre winding, gluing, material handling

  • Computer controlled cutting table for weave

  • Dry winding equipment

  • Wet winding equipment

  • Moulding

  • Die-casting

  • Injection

  • Autoclave

  • Vacuum table

  • CNC milling

  • Lathes

  • Extrusion of silicone



We help you and your company with the challenges ahead. No matter whether it is to lower the weight of a vehicle or increase the stability and stiffness in a component through mixed materials. Whatever challenges that lies ahead when it comes to composites, we help you develop the solution. 

SWE-CIC can help you accelerate your innovation process due to our large network and broad range of knowledge. We pick out the right competence for your needs and tailor a dream team suited for your needs.

You can find ideas everywhere but we find a solution for you that includes everything, form idea and design to process development and high volume production.

A challenge, in its purest form,

is a well design problem

with a solution that generate value for the company

We are experts on what we do and can help you and your company to speed up your innovation cycles and to more cost efficient problem solving through an outside perspective, new viewpoints and a different skill set. 

Challenged driven innovation is an innovation method including processes, work flow, tools and principles. The methodology is used by organisations to create a systematic process in order to identify specific problems and opportunities, screen and prioritise them.  Problems are redefined as challenges that are tackled by a diversified and focused group of partners in order to develop a creative and efficient solution.

Challenge driven innovation is to be found in the interception between idea management, social networks and collaboration, and workflow management. Most companies work with some sort of idea management or suggestion boxes in order to gather and evaluate ideas. Social networks and collaboration tools makes it easy for people to discuss and collaborate without limiting frameworks, unfortunately can the lack of framework also create difficulties when needing to focus  on a specific problem or opportunity. Platform for workflow management are not design form innovation but rather for processes with set roles, functions, check points and evaluation system along the way. By combining these three concepts we create a system for challenge driven innovation.

To identify your next focus area for challenge driven innovation you need to analyse your business continually and structurally. By collecting feedback from inside the organisation, externally, from clients, partners and collaborators as well as from research and experts you will be able to paint a picture of what should be the next area of focus for your organisation.




To have a successful outcome of your work with challenge driven innovations a multi competent team is one of the corner stones.

SWE-CIC has many years of experience when it comes to development and production of composites. We excel in material knowledge as well as production techniques. RISE Sicomp is one of Europe’s leading research institute within polymeric fibre composites and we have a close collaboration with Luleå University of Technology.

We can safely say that we can help you with your composite challenge!

To generate the optimal solution for the challenge faced by you and your business we will work close to you and adapt to your needs and requirements.

Unique resources are available within SWE-CICs network and we will gather the best forces and the competence that are most suitable to solve the challenge put in front of us.

Through the challenge driven innovation process we will bring your business from idea and design to process development and full scale production.

We are experts on what we do and can help you speed up the innovation cycles in your business and to find a more cost efficient problem solving through an outside perspective, new viewpoints and our profound knowledge of composites.